The Wright brothers stunned the world in 1903 when they proved human flight was possible. Their amazing feat stirred the imaginations and creative juices in several brave, bold and daring Monmouth County residents. Less than 5 years later, local farmers were designing, building, and patenting their own home-made flying machines. Sometimes they flew, other times they did not.

Early Aviation in Monmouth County looks at these local pioneers of flight, from Charles Hendrickson in Middletown, the Casey brothers in Red Bank, the Walling brothers in Shrewsbury, Robert Collier in Wickatunk, and others. It also looks at the 17-day "America's Greatest Aviation Meet" held at Interlaken in 1910, which Wilbur Wright and Thomas Edison attended. It looks at the Aeromarine Plane and Motor Company - an aircraft manufacturer in Keyport; early altitude records, the Red Bank Airport and much more.

Human flight is one of man's greatest accomplishments. Even if you have little interest in flying, this book provides an interesting glimpse at a narrow slice of life in Monmouth County.

Early Aviation is authored by George Joynson and published by Heritage Books, Inc., Berwyn Heights, MD. His third book on local histroy, this one includes over 100 images, sources and an index. It was released to the public on March 4, 2016.

Check the on-line book index to see if someone you know or are related to is mentioned!

Do you know someone who likes going to the beach and needs something to read? Early Aviation is the perfect gift for your favorite beachgoer.

Early Aviation is also a great source for genealogical information. It will be an excellent addition to all genealogy libraries throughout the United States, to people with ties to Monmouth County, and everyone researching their local ancestral roots. Joynson's method of thorough research is evident in this narrative book.

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- June 20, 2016, Monday, 7:00 PM, at 345 Poricy Park Nature Center, 345 Oak Hill Rd., Middletown Historical Society

- October 5, 2016, Wednesday, 10:00 AM, at Monmouth County Library Headquarters, 125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan

Joynson is the current full time Records Analyst at Monmouth County Archives in Manalapan, where he assists callers, emailers, and visiting patrons with their local research requests. See his other books: Murders in Monmouth, and Wicked Monmouth County.